Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the world. It is international technology company which manufactures, sells computer software’s, personal computers, electronic items and much more items.

Microsoft Office is an application developed and launched by Microsoft. It was first launched in August 1988. Microsoft Office consists of MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint. Nowadays MS office comes with additional features like MS outlook, common spell checker, OLE data integration, etc.

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Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft, launched in October 1983.

Some users face difficulties while they insert table or equation in a word document. This article will summarize some steps to insert the table and equation in MS word.

Inserting a table in a word document- Table present in the word document makes the content more attractive and meaningful. The table represents a data in an easier manner.

Follow the given points to insert the table in the document-

  • Open the document- Table can be inserted in any version of the word and at any place in the document. To insert the table in the document, open the document.
  • The cursor on the place- To insert the table, put the cursor in the document where you want to insert the table. Click on table option given under the insert tab. For best results, always place the table between the paragraphs.
  • Methods for inserting the table- In MS word 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions there are various ways to insert a table. A user can choose among the different options while inserting a table.

Ø  Grid- A user can make the use of Grid for inserting a table, in grid squares represents the number of rows or columns user can have on the table. To select the number of squares required, simply drag the mouse on a grid and click after selecting a particular number.

Ø  Insert table- Insert table option allows the user to select the width of the columns along with the number of rows and columns. A user can also select the Autofit option to fix the width of the squares. To insert the table, click OK.

Ø  Excel spreadsheet- A user should click on Excel spreadsheet option to manipulate the data in the form of Excel sheet.

Ø  Table templates- In new versions of Word, there is an option of a quick table. A user should click on this option to apply the built-in table templates, replace the sample data.


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