Gmail is a supported Email service developed by Google. Gmail stand for Google Mail. All professional around the world prefers Gmail service for sending emails. It has around one billion users around the world.

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Outlook is personal information manager and it is available as a part of Microsoft office.

This article will compare both Gmail and Outlook services to help the users to understand them better.

Storage- For storing the thing online, a device or a service should have a better storage capacity. As every this is becoming digitized nowadays all user prefer more storage devices.

If we talk about the storage of Gmail, it offers free storage up to 15 GB and it can be extending by paying an amount. $2 is the starting amount to increase the storage in the Gmail.

Outlook also offers 15 GB storage and it can be extended by making the use of cloud storage service.


Mobile Apps- Gmail has mobile App for both Android and iPhone users. Mobile App of Gmail is very easy to use as it has draft, inbox,  compose folders on the home page.

Outlook- There are various Apps which are associated with Outlook and user can access them with a single login. Various Apps are one drive, Skype,  calendar, etc.


Security- Whether it is a device or an application security features matters a lot.

Gmail has various security features- it will send verification code when the wrong password is entered or when someone tries to access the account. Gmail also have two-step verification security features.

Outlook also has better security features. It scans all the sent emails or incoming emails to protect them from malware dangers to ensure safe and quick service. If the coming mail is not safe or it is from an unknown source, a user will not be able to download it.


Interface- A user looking for a device or for an application, interface is the first thing that comes to user mind. In this case, also user plays an important role. If we talk about Gmail interface it has composed, inbox, sent folders on its left side. Spam Email can also be seen in the drop down the folder.

If we talk about Outlook interface, it has copied Gmail inbox design to some extent. Outlook also has a sweep function that automatically cleans unwanted Email from the account.

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