Want to know about Tenda F3 300 Mbps wireless router of Tenda Technologies?


Tenda F3 300 Mbps wireless Router is a product of Tenda Technology, which was founded in 1999. Tenda Technology is one of the leading producers of computer networking products. They aim to deliver products which are easy to install and affordable.

Tenda produces a range of routers with varying specifications. Tenda F3 Wireless router is one of them.

Tenda F3 is a router which works perfectly for connecting the small and medium number of peoples in a single network. Tenda is totally superior and affordable from their available range of routers.

Three eye catching features of Tenda F3 are:

1- Wireless Router (300 Mbps)

F3 is designed in a way to provide 300 Mbps speed for your small/medium size home’s networking environment.

2- Great Performance

F3 performs fantastically as its chip is the superior advanced chip which ensures stable and fast wireless network performance.That’s why it works perfectly while music streaming, uploading photos, during video chatting, HD video streaming and other bandwidth consuming tasks.

3-Easy to install

As I mentioned earlier Tenda produces its product with the aim of producing easy to install products.That’s what they implemented in Tenda F3 also. F3 has easy setup interface because of which its user can access the internet without any interruption.


Other than these 3 strong features, ┬áTenda F3 has many hardware specifications also. Like its 3 external antennas which boost WiFi connection and due to this you can enjoy seamless internet connection throughout your house, you don’t need to worry about WiFi dead regions.It allows you to connect your mobile, tablets, media players and computer systems with WiFi anywhere in the house.

It provides network connection using IP-based broadband control so that all devices get required access to the internet. It gives you facility of allocating bandwidth to the different task for ensuring seamless internet surfing according to every individual’s needs.

Thus, If you need a router for connecting your smart house in a single network, Tenda F3 Wireless Router is perfect for you.

Along with providing quality networking device, Tenda also maintains an effective Customer Service, so that when their customer contacts them for any tech or non-tech help they will be able to provide the best solution to them to fix their problem.Thus, whenever you are facing any issue related to Tenda Router, contact us at Tenda Router Customer Care Number.


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